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PETALUMA 360 - Article on our 'symbiotic sustainable retail space' friends NoooNoo Eco with a drip-drop of Súper Coffee)

NooNoo is a large, bright, open airy space, warm, inviting and plant-filled, with books and games for children and a comfortable area with couches and a coffee table, encouraging patrons to sit, chat and enjoy a good cup of coffee. “Coffee?” you’re asking. “But, I thought this was a place to buy kids’ clothes.” That’s right. But it also houses a coffee bar run by Kjeld Clark, who owns Súper Coffee Roasters, also in the building. Clark is warm and welcoming, inviting visitors to enjoy a caffeinated beverage “and toss jokes around.”

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Súper Coffee Roasters are GO! Coffee - Cycling - Community - Love!

March 2020 saw the launch of our Súper Coffee Roasting adventure. Yes, we are roasting coffee, àmazing coffee! Súper Coffee Roasters will fuel our love for Coffee Culture while Súperdomestik continues to create Cycling Inspired Accessories and Apparel that you love. We will be offering premium small batch roasts for lovers of great coffee. Last week Kjeld roasted up a batch of ECUADOR  ZAMORA CHINCHIPE - with flavour notes of LEMON ZEST - CANE SUGAR - CHOCOLATE. The green beans were grown at an Altitude of 1400-1900 masl and are a Fully washed / Dried on raised beds. Available only at à bloc this inaugural roast sold out within 2 days of hitting the shelves to great acclaim from some serious coffee palates. Next...

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